Faculty Research


Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

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Other Peer-Reviewed

  1. Walsh, James Igoe and Marcus Schulzke, The Ethics of Drone Strikes: Does Reducing the Cost of Conflict Encourage War? Strategic Studies Institute, Army War College.

Funded External Grant Proposed in 2015

  1. Suzanne Leland, “MPA Fellowship,” City of Charlotte/Chamber of Commerce $20,689
  2. Suzanne Leland, “Public Service Fellowship,” Charlotte Works $20,689
  3. Jim Walsh, “Natural Resources Crime and Armed Conflict,” DoD Army Research Office $7,313



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Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Funded External Grant Proposed in 2014

  1. Jim Walsh, “Territorial Control and Armed Conflict” Dept of Defense $123,576
  2. Beth Whitaker, “APSA Africa Workshop 2015 on Conflict and Political Violence” American Political Science Association $230,000
  3. Suzanne Leland, “MPA Graduate Student Fellowship City of Concord Budget Office” City of Concord $8,932
  4. Jim Walsh, “The Ethics of Drone Strikes Does Reducing the Cost of Conflict Encourage War” Army War College $13,593
  5. Maureen Brown and Zach Mohr, “Acquisition in a World of Joint Capabilities: Methods for Understanding Cross-Organizational Network Performance.” Dept of Defense Naval Supply Systems Command $116,389