Degree Requirements

Major Requirements

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In addition to the general university requirements, a major in Political Science for the B.A. degree requires 30 semester hours of Political Science courses to include:

  1. POLS 1110 (American Politics);
  2. POLS 1130 (Comparative Politics);
  3. POLS 1150 (International Politics);
  4. One course in the subfield of Political Philosophy;
  5. POLS 2220 (Political Science Methods);
  6. One of the following: POLS 4600 (Senior Seminar), POLS 4990 (Senior Thesis), POLS 4110 (North Carolina Student Legislature), or POLS 4163 (Model United Nations); and
  7. A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all Political Science courses attempted at UNC Charlotte.
No more than a total of nine semester hours toward the major may be obtained from any or all of the following courses: POLS 3400, POLS 3800, POLS 4110, and POLS 4163.

The last 12 semester hours of Political Science must be taken at UNC Charlotte. Students under the 2001-2003 catalog must complete the following related work: the 2000 level course (or the equivalent) in a modern language other than English which uses the Latin Alphabet (e.g., French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) or the 1202 course (or the equivalent) in a modern language which does not use the Latin Alphabet (e.g., Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Russian). Non-native English speakers may complete the foreign language requirement by completing ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 (or the equivalent).

Minor Requirements

The minor in Political Science requires 18 credit hours of political science including:

(1) POLS1110 American Politics;
(2) POLS1130 Comparative Politics;
(3) POLS1150 International Politics;
(4) and at least three POLS electives.

Although students may repeat POLS3400, POLS3800, POLS4110, or POLS4163 for credit, no more than three hours of credit from any one of these courses may be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor in political science. Combined GPA for all POLS courses must be 2.0 or higher. Per University Degree Requirements, the last 6 hours of any minor must be completed at UNC Charlotte.