Courthouse Visit to see Justice in Action

It was just another typically hectic day for district attorneys, defense lawyers and District Court Judges at the Mecklenburg County courthouse in uptown Charlotte. On October 20th, Adjunct Professor Carol Turowski escorted her Judicial Process students to various District Courts to get a birdseye view of justice in action. "A very iimpressive court building" noted one student. "How do you start representing a client so quickly after being assigned a case" asked another student Kandace Kreigsman who is interested in becoming a district attorney after graduating from UNCC and law school. Professor Turowski's Judicial Process students were given unprecedented access to all aspects of the criminal justice system with special presentations by a public defender and an assistant district attorney in Domestic Violence Court. The morning was topped off with a Q & A session led by Chief District Court Judge Reagan  Miller who was presiding in the courtroom and oversees the judicial operations of District Court. If you are interested in this course and learning more about the legal system, please contact Adjunct Professor Turowski at